Wheelchair winch MicroWinch

The wheelchair winch MicroWinch is part of our new generation of wheelchair winches, electric loading  wheelchair winch (electric car winch).

Efficient and functional, the MicroWinch has been specifically designed to assist wheelchair users through the ramp obstacle to access a vehicle.

The winch offers assistance in transferring the wheelchair to the accessible vehicle. The traction force of the MicroWinch makes the process much easier for the caregiver and ensures the comfort of the passengers at all times.

Wheelchair winch Microwinch

The Microwinch is the most compact and at the same time the most powerful available on the market today

Meticulously and skillfully designed with a small-scale footprint, the MicroWinch can be installed in any vehicle with limited indoor space.

Powered by an efficient electric motor and with an anti-return mechanism, it has a safe and impressive loading capacity of 250 kg and it has several features and advantages.

The wheelchair winch MicroWinch is available in a vertical or horizontal version, depending on the customer’s needs.

Wheelchair winch Microwinch

Characteristics of the MicroWinch:

  • Simplicity: Easy Installation and operation. The unit is already supplied with built-in pre-wired plugs for quick  12V connectivity. Supplied with 2 easy-to-use, small and ergonomic wireless remote controls.
  • Power: Maximum load: 250 kg
  • Lightweight: Assembled Weight: 3.4 kg.
  • Safety: Anti-return ratchet mechanism. Safety sensor with overload and obstruction with “emergency stop” protection.
  • Reliability: Robust and reliable, tested for a long lifetime.
  • Silence: Gentle operation and very quiet high quality engine.
  • Aesthetic: Small and compact unit with molded cover covering.
  • Manufacturing in the UK: complies with ISO 10542 (not 2012:2015) and EMC standards.

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The Microwinch Wheelchair Winch Kit includes:
  1. Pre-built winch and cover. ‣
  2. V-Belt. ‣
  3. 6 meter long belt. ‣
  4. 2 x Wireless remote controls. ‣
  5. Pre-wired plugs and separate electronic module. ‣
  6. User manual. ‣
  7. Mounting jig

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