Car harness emergency evacuation system

The Escape Box car harness emergency evacuation system  is an accessory that can only be used with our harness. It is now available as an option.

This new generation of the harness for autistic people with challenging behaviour benefits from a rapid evacuation system in the event of an emergency. Escape Box for vehicle harness is easily accessible in front, at the top of the seat, by pulling sharply on the red strap. In this way, the harness separates from the support  base and the person can leave with the harness in the event of an accident. There is therefore no need to unlock the safety buckles of the harness and the evacuation is very fast.

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Car harness emergency evacuation systemWhy choose Escape Box?

  •  The optional Escape Box system provides a quick evacuation in the event of an accident without unlocking
    the 7 buckles. It is easily accessible from the front, at the
    top of the seat.
  • We strongly reccomend the Escape Box when the
    standard evacuation system is difficult to access. This
    access is through the back of the seat or through the trunk.
  • To travel safely and free of mind

The new vehicle harness for autistic people which can be used with this box is a quality product, made in France in resistant and comfortable neoprene fabric. It has a new ergonomic design with height adjustable backrest according to the size of the person.

Escape Box in video

This device helps people with disabilities stay in an ergonomic position in the vehicle’s original seat. The system also works for autistic children or autistic adults with a behavior disorder during trasportation. 

The car postural harness is also used to provide postural support for disabled children or adults in the car. With the locking buckle system, people with behavioral disorders will no longer be a danger to themselves or others.

In conclusion, the use of the vehicle harness during transport in a vehicle (transporting autistic children) reassures the driver and the passengers.

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