Carospeed floor-mounted hand control

Carospeed floor-mounted hand control is a universal hand control, mounted on the floor, which allows to operate the accelerator and the brake in an intuitive way. Carospeed moves the accelerator and brake pedal controls to a hand lever. Just push to speed up and pull to brake. These are products adapted to the driving of paraplegic people.

There are two versions of the Carospeed floor-mounted hand control:

Carospeed Classic

  • The Standard model: includes the basic brake and accelerator functions.
  • The Indicator model: incorporates the integral indicators for right and left
  • The E Model: Equipped with integral electrical functions for right and left indicators, windscreen wipers, washers, horn, high and low beam and set function for the cruise control, in the knob.

Combined brake accelerator Pull push Carospeed

Carospeed Menox

Stylish and ergonomic hand control for accelerator and brake control. Thanks to the advanced design of Menox, each control is ergonomic and compliant with the user’s hand-wrist-arm natural movement.

Thanks to the Carospeed Menox optional multi-function handle, the driver optimises his ability to control the car by operating the headlights, flashing lights, windshield wipers/windshield wiper/washer and horn from the same central location . In this way, all functions can be used at the same time as the brakes and the acceleration pedal.



Combined brake accelerator Pull push Carospeed

General features of the Carospeed floor-mounted hand control
  • Universal model, adaptable to most vehicles with automatic gearboxes only. No need to drill holes.
  • Equipped with a side start aid to leave the brake pedal depressed
  • Sturdy construction that provides a good driving experience
  • Styled and shaped to fit in with the rest of the car interior
  • Cables are concealed under carpeting and behind panels; no holes need to be drilled
  • Easy to install and adjust, leaves a lot of room to the driver’s legs and is not in the trajectory of the airbags
  • Ergonomical motion that conforms to a person’s natural hand-wrist-arm motion (Carospeed Menox)
  • Available in many colors to match your cars interior (Carospeed Menox)
  • Optional electrical controls on the handle (Carospeed Menox)
  • Fully adjustable according to the specific needs of the user (Carospeed Menox)


Carospeed floor-mounted hand control

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