Wheelchair ramps: quick and secure access to the vehicle

The wheelchair ramps are generally used to access a wheelchair accessible or converted vehicle,  from both rear and side access and can meet the majority of wheelchair accessibility needs. Passenger lifts ramps are primarily designed to provide quick and secure access to people in wheelchairs.

You will find below our several models of passenger lifts ramps, access ramps, loading ramps:

  • Portable Ramps: Removable ramps (fixed ramps, folding ramps, telescopic ramps, folding telescopic ramps), folding lenght-wise ramps
  • Fixed Ramps: Ax-S ramp with 2 or 3 parts, STEP ramp: Ramps with safety steps

Portable wheelchair ramps

Fixed wheelchair ramps

Discover all our ramps for wheelchairs and for passenger lift services!

Fixed ramps Ax-S Ramp with 2 or 3 parts, Fixed ramps Step Ramp, Portable ramps IRP (folding lenght-wise), Portable ramps (fixed, folding, telescopic)

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