Wheelchair and occupant restraints and floors

Access-Ability offers a wide range of wheelchair and occupant restraints and floors for wheelchair accessible vehicles and disabled people: wheelchair tie-down systems, occupant restraint systems and wheelchair flooring systems.

Wheelchair and occupant restraints

There are three things to check imperatively when talking about wheelchair and occupant restraint systems. This is a standard configuration to be respected constantly. A missing element is enough to ensure that security is no longer assured.

  1.  Wheelchair transport in a vehicle requires four tie-down systems: 2 at the front and 2 at the rear.
  2.  The addition, a 3-point belt is necessary if a person remains seated in the wheelchair during transport.
  3. The wheelchair floor anchorage must be done properly

We offer a complete range of products for people with reduced mobility and for wheelchair adapted vehicles. All systems are according to the minimum requirements of ISO 10542.

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