Wheelchair winch for adapted and accessible vehicles

The electric loading wheelchair winch is designed to mechanically assist wheelchair users to overcome the obstacle of a ramp to access a wheelchair converted vehicle. It is an electric aid to the  ascent and descent of the wheelchair.

The winch is an aid to transfer the wheelchair into an accessible car or accessible vehicle.

Our new ATOM wheelchair winch is now available!

Access Ability offers you 2 models of winches to provide with a suitable solution for every need, whether you are an individual user, a converter, a carrier or a reseller.

The most compact wheelchair loading winches (car winch) on the market, they are supplied with a standard remote control as well as the “Soft Start & Stop”  (progressive acceleration and deceleration).


  • The gearwheel and worm of the motor are now in bronze for more reliability
  • New anti-recoil mechanism: the thread of the worm prevents the wheelchair from rolling back onto the ramp
  • New design with screwed cover thats includes all moving parts to prevent damage and injury
  • Swivel base so that the strap always stays aligned between the pivot point and the wheelchair attachment point
  • Smaller
  • Lighter
Standard characteristics:
  • Powerful: loading capacity 250 kg 
  • Simple installation (12 V) and instinctive use
  • Overload and obstruction sensor with emergency stop protection
  • “Soft Start / Stop” function allows smooth and gradual acceleration and deceleration for more comfort
  • Very quiet engine

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