Electric step for people with reduced mobility

The electric step from Alex Original is an ideal solution for professionals who make heavy use of the product, but also  elderly people and children. This new step is only 47 mm thick which allows for good ground clearance.

The step comes out and comes back automatically by opening/closing the door with a soft and quiet operation (about 2 seconds to get in and out).

Key features of the vehicle step:

  • Safety: An electronic device retracts the electric step in case of an obstacle. The step automatically retracts if the vehicle moves with the step out. The control witness says “out.”
  • Reliability: The step is made of stainless steel with a non-slip coating to avoid slipping. It is resistant to winter temperatures and snow.
  • Simplicity: quick and simple operation by opening/closing the door.
  • Compliance with United Nations regulations.

Electric footsteps

Electric footstep

Available on the following vehicles:

CitroënJumperSince 2006NissanNV400Since 2011
FiatDucatoSince 2006OpelMovanoSince 2010
FordTransitSince 2006PeugeotBoxerSince 2006
MercedesSprinterSince 2006RenaultMasterSince 2010
MercedesVitoSince 2004  IvecoDailySince 2015
VolkswagenCrafterSince 2006VolkswagenT5 /T6 dice2005/2015

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