Swivel bases and seats for people with reduced mobility

The swivel bases and seats for people with reduced mobility allow to swivel or to pull the seat out of the vehicle for the user to sit or transfer from a wheelchair more easily.  These are  products that can help a person to comfortably and safely get seated in a vehicle.

There is a wide range for the swivel bases and seats for people with reduced mobility to satisfy all our customers’ needs.

How to choose a swivel base ?

Choosing the correct swivel base for a user and their car comes down to a wide range of variables. The user’s length, mobility and weight as well as the height of the car’s door opening and the angle of the A and B pillar, all play an important role when deciding what will work for each specific user and their car.
So where do you start? The swivel bases were designed for different user needs and vehicle types. The chart below will give you our recommendations and it’s a good place to start. Once you know what swivel base might be right for your or even before, contact your dealer to find if there are any specific mounting brackets for your vehicle or other information that might be useful for your situation.
Keep in mind that these are always recommendations. Vehicle adaptation is all about adapting to the situation at hand and sometimes that means using a Turny Low Vehicle in a high vehicle.

Swivel bases and seats

The choice of seats and other accessories for the swivel bases and the Carony wheelchair system is wide in order to meet all your needs and help you travel serenely, comfortably and safely. Please contact us for more details. 

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