Electric sliding door system

The side electric sliding door system is the ideal solution for commuter traffic because it makes boarding and disembarking very easy for the driver and passengers. The door opens and closes automatically by pressing one button. It can be operated by a remote control, the door handle or the driver’s button.

* Warning: This kit is not compatible with camping cars. The interior design does not allow its installation.

Electric sliding door key features:

  • Safety: The door retracts immediately if it encounters an obstacle and closes automatically if the vehicle starts moving with the door open.  The system has an open door signal.
  • Simplicity: Quick and easy operation by pressing a single button. The door can be operated manually at any time, if necessary. The opening or closing is done in about 3 seconds.
  • Easy Installation: The electric sliding door complies with European standards and the UN regulations.
  • Reliability: Tested for low temperatures and snow.

Discover the system in video!

The electric sliding door system is available on the following vehicles:


CitroenJumperSince 2006NissanNV400Since 2011
FiatDucatoSince 2006OpelMovanoSince 2010
FordTransitSince 2015PeugeotBoxerSince 2006
MercedesSprinterSince 2006RenaultMasterSince 2010
MercedesVitoSince 2016DodgePromasterSince 2006
VolkswagenCrafterSince 2006 Renault TrafficSince 2015

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