Single arm lift Fiorella F360 for individuals

The Fiorella single arm lift for disabled people (Transport for people with reduced mobility) aims to provide wheelchair users with a lift that meets their mobility needs while emphasizing the design and finished product quality.

The Fiorella mono arm lift is perfectly suited for people who want to drive from their wheelchair or simply be autonomous.

The Fiorella single arm lift offers an ideal solution for transporting medical equipment or other heavy products requiring mechanical help to get up and down the vehicle. The single arm lift can be easily dismantled and installed in another vehicle.

General features of the passenger single-arm lift:

Safety: Overload locking device, automatic flaps avoiding the tipping of the chair, an anti-crushing system on the lifting arm and a maintenance programmer.

 Powerful: Highest lift capacity on the market, up to 360 kg for the F360. (Attention: We recommend not to go beyond a load of 200 kg to avoid the apprehension of users caused by the elastic distortion inherent for single arm lifts.)

Visibility: The lift low profile does not obstruct the rear visibility of the driver.

• Silence: Its anti-rollover design and its construction in polyurethane makes it a very quiet product for the comfort of passengers of handicapped vehicles.

Flexibility: With its weight (114kg) and its reduced dimensions the F360 is an ideal product for small vehicles. The hydraulic pump is detachable for a side door installation.

 Reliability: 3 years warranty.

High-tech: LCD screen to communicate in the language of your choice and a radio controlled key.

Evacuation: The hydraulic pump is easily put in manual mode in the event of a failure.

Easy installation: Specific plates have been developed to facilitate installation on different vehicles. Only 4 to 6 hours are required to install the single arm lift in side door and 3 to 5 hours for a rear door installation.

How to choose your single arm lift?

  • Choice 1: Single arm vehicle lifts Total drive (fully automatic) or Semi-automatic.
    Total Drive (TD): Fully automatic lift platform for total autonomy or Semi-Automatic lift platform with unbeatable value for money. The appearance is identical to the total drive, only the platform deployment is manual.
  • Choice 2: Arm position: left arm or right arm.
  • Choice 3*: Swivel base (F-Twister) or static: see description at the bottom of this page.
  • Choice 4: Single arm lifts with integrated pump or separate pump. A quick-connect pump separation kit is available.
  • Choice 5: Platform size. The lift is available with two platform sizes. The small platform (1030 x 714 mm) is ideal for a side door position.  The larger platform  (1075 x 765 mm) is often used in the back door.
  • Choice 6: Reinforcement plates.
    Specific installation plates have been developed for the majority of vehicles in side door and rear door.

F-Twister Swivel base optional

The Fiorella F-Twister is a swivelling base for rotating the lift inwards within the car or outwards, allowing an easy loading or an emergency evacuation.

Passenger lifts single-arm lift

Single ARM lifter passenger lifts Fiorella F360

Complete solutions are also available as the Doblo kit “All in one“.

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