Fiorella lift for raised roof Doblo

The Fiorella lift for raised roof Doblo includes all the necessary elements for a wheelchair adapted conversion on the raised roof Fiat Doblo. The installation of this simple and quick passenger lift is at the fingertips of all professional convertors. The installation of this kit is quick and simple and  does not require structural modification. The Doblo vehicle can be restored to its original state which can facilitate a possible resale.

Each piece has been designed for maximum space saving and a sober aesthetic. Similarly, the silence of the elevator when not in use, allows the occupants of the vehicle to spend a quiet and serene trip without squeaks or vibrations. Elements such as the radio controlled key, rails or the PVC floor are included in the kit for raised roof Doblo.

This wheelchair conversion for Doblo has a European approval which allows convertors to register the vehicle without having to use an isolated title reception (RTI). That simplifies the administrative procedures.

Conversion examples for the raised roof Fiat Doblo, Fiat Doblo lift in pictures:

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