Aluminium Vehicle Floor Innotrax

The aluminium vehicle floor Innotrax is a wheelchair vehicle floor. Made up from lightweight bonded aluminum extrusions, the Innotrax floor is flat uniform floor with a parallel track fitting and allows a quick installation of the seats and wheelchair restraints.

Innotrax (aluminium vehicle floor Innotrax)  is available in various panel lengths to create un ultimate flooring design. It can be especially tailored to suit individual transport requirements (such as accessible vehicles, care homes and recreational vehicles like camper vans).

The system is homologated for the M1 standard on a wide range of vehicles of 15 major car manufacturers.

Characteristics of the aluminium vehicle floor INNOTRAX, floor for wheelchair adapted vehicles:

  • Aluminium floors specially designed to suit all vehicles.
  • The floor is glued to the vehicle on its entire surface thanks to an approved and tested structural adhesiveThis allows the original chassis to remain intact.
  • Requires only one fixing per rail to ensure maximum structural integrity
  • Improves productivity thanks to its quick and easy installation.
  • Increases the strength and stiffness of the body shell.
  • The floors are precut according to the shapes and profiles necessary so that they can be easily and quickly installed by the bodywork.

aluminium vehicle floor

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