Removable seat fixture HAL

The removable seat fixture HAL is a seat support base for quick seating and handling of seats: without tools and with one handThe HAL mount is usable in conjunction with Innotrax floors, rails and other “aviation type” rails.

HAL (Hand Actuated Lockable) is a new removable seat fixture (wheelchair seating system) allowing an easier installation and manipulation of the seats: single hand operation, no tool needed. 

General features of the removable seat fixture HAL:

  • Built-in handle for easy grip 
  • HAL is easy to release from the rail with a single hand operation
  • Rear anchorage technology allows the fastening system to be set and secured at the back of the seat 
  • Noise-free fixing for passenger and driver comfort 
  • Integrated wheel to easily place in the rail (this wheel is only designed for use inside the vehicle)
  • “Tamper-proof” mechanism can be used to further secure the seat in the vehicle
  • HAL fits all types of seats and rails
  • Exceeds the requirements of M1 approvals on individual seats.  
  • 3 year Warranty
  • Transport wheels available as an option to allow you to easily move seats outside the vehicle.

Removable seat fixture HAL

Discover the HAL seat fixation on video:

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