Removable seat fixture USL

The removable seat fixture USL is a removable seat support base for quick installation and handling of the seats, without tools and with the foot. Its main objective is to add flexibility to the seat configuration of a vehicle. A simple push on the actuator locks the seat on the floor. The USL bracket can be used in conjunction with Innotrax floors, Unwin rails and other “aviation type” rails. This seating system can also be used in conjunction with any rail with scallops at one inch (25.4mm) centre to centre.

Being a premium solution, the Seat Locker is a discreet low built lockable, engineered to be rattle free.

General features of the removable seat fixture USL:

  • Easy to use, safe and rattle free grip in one single motion and without adjustments.
  • The built-in wheel makes moving heavy seats around quickly and easily. For moving seats outside use the optional transport wheels.
  • The locker is self-located, so finding the correct position in the rails is easy.
  • Integral safety release catch to stop accidental release of the seat.
  • The elegant and discreet profile fits well inside. Available in black and grey.
  • 3 years warranty.
  • Flexible enough to fit any seat manufacturer
  • “Tamper-proof” mechanism can be used to further secure the seat in the vehicle.

Discover the USL seat fixture on video:

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