Wheelchair tie-down systems

The wheelchair tie-down systems require 4 tie-downs: 2 at the front and 2 at the rear of the wheelchair. We offer a wide range of products  to secure the wheelchair and the occupant  in the vehicle and to ride safely. All systems are according to the standard requirements of ISO 10542.

Wheelchair tie-down

How do you choose your wheelchair tie-downs?

1. Wheelchair tie-down systems

Choose the type of tie-down system you want to have in your vehicle. A manual tension belt (front static belt or rear adjustable belt), electric retractors (tie-downs), mechanical retractors with manual or automatic tensioning mechanism. The retractors are available with a plastic cover or a black metal cover. In addition, the electric front retractors have built-in LED lights.

2. Floor Fixings

The way the tie-down system is attached to the floor depends on the type of floor used in the vehicle and the level of flexibility required by positioning the wheelchair in the vehicle. The fastening can be done using a bolt, a solo floor anchor or a rail.


Wheelchair tie-down

Solo anchorage

Wheelchair tie-down

Rail anchor

Wheelchair tie-down

3. Wheelchair attachment systems

The way the tie-down system is attached to the wheelchair depends on the type of the wheelchair and the type of attachment. This can be done by using a buckle and tongue system, a hook or a karabiner.

Buckle and tongue  

Wheelchair tie-down


Wheelchair tie-down


Wheelchair tie-down

If you have specific requests, do not hesitate to contact us. Our very wide range of products will certainly meet your needs or requirements.

The Wheelchair tie-down systems exist in different types and combinations. Feel free to contact us directly for a custom quote or advice!

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