Mechanical retractors for wheelchair tie-down front and / or rear Quattro

Mechanical retractors for wheelchair tie-down Quattro were designed to secure the front and/or rear of a wheelchair. The range is very wide and includes mechanical retractors with standard or automatic tensioning system, bolted, with rail or solo anchorage according to each customer needs.

Standard mechanical retractors Quattro

Standard mechanical retractors Quattro with manual tensioning mechanism secure wheelchairs during transport.

Automatic mechanical retractors Quattro Express

The self-tensioning, self-retracting mechanism of these retractors quickly secures all wheelchairs.

Mechanical retractors for wheelchair tie-down

The wheelchair tie-down systems exist in different models and combinations. Feel free to contact us directly for a custom quote!

Mechanical retractors for wheelchair tie-down Quattro main features

  • Two pairs of Quattro retractors are required to secure the front and rear of the wheelchair
  • The Quattro systems offer a fully adjustable webbing retractor to suit most wheelchair anchoring positions
  • The Quattro range comes with silver metal cover or black plastic cover
  • The Quattro Systems are available with either dipped karabiner, hooks or tongue & buckle to secure a wider range of wheelchair models
  • The new design of the Quattro incorporates an ergonomic tensioning handle on each side, that can be easily tightened for optimum safety transport
  • The Quattro wheelchair restraints also have a special release button to facilitate operation
  • The retractors come with a choice of red or black webbing
  • A positive locking label on the webbing clearly indicates when the reel is locked safely into place

Additional occupant restraint is required to secure the wheelchair user during transportation.

All Quattro systems have been dynamically tested and are compatible with a wide range of wheelchair models.

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