Wheelchair winch Ax-S winch compact

Wheelchair winch Ax-S winch compact is an electric wheelchair loading winch (electric car winch) specifically designed to assist wheelchair users through the ramp obstacle to access a vehicle.

The AX-S winch is an aid to the electric ascent and descent of the wheelchair in the wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Ax-S Winch is a very compact wheelchair loading winch (car winch) benefits from the “Soft Start & Stop” function (progressive acceleration and deceleration).

Main characteristics:

  • Reliability:  a simple and robust system with no superfluous gadgets.
  • Compact: dimensions: L14 xH18 x L22 cm, allows maximum integration in the vehicle and facilitates the passage of the wheelchair.
  • All in one: electronics, motor, other components in one single device etc.
  • Aesthetic: plastic design hood.
  • Simplicity: instinctive use for wheelchair accessible vehicles
  • Safety: protection against overloading currents and overheating.
  • Comfort: the unique “Soft Start/Stop” function allows smooth and gradual acceleration and deceleration. This feature provides a comfort and safety sensation to the wheelchair occupant.
  • Silence: high quality DC motor very quiet.
  • Two remote controls provided: one for intensive use and another in case of emergency

 Wheelchair winch AX-S Winch Compact

Discover the wheelchair loading winch on video: 

Technical data 
  • Maximum load of the wheelchair loading winch is 150 kg
  • 6 meters belt
  • Option: 3 meter long adjustable belt extension

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