Wheelchair and occupant Accessories 

Wheelchair headrest (wheelchair accessories)

The headrest is a wheelchair accessories designed to maintain the person’s head in a wheelchair. When used during transport, the head support can significantly reduce the risk of cervical trauma in the event of an accident.

  • Easy installation on the wheelchair handles (25 mm maximum diameter).
  • Fully adjustable in height, width and inclination for better comfort.
  • Covered with washable PVC for easy maintenance.
  • Available in three different lengths:  “small”, “medium” and “large”.  

Wheelchair straps with rings


Wheelchair accessory, to be used as a complement to wheelchair tie-downs, to provide anchorage points on the wheelchair. This accessory complies with the ISO10542 standard.

Wheelchair accessories Wheelchair accessories

Wheelchair straps for empty folded wheelchairs


Easy to attach, the strap was created to secure folded wheelchairs or other objects during transport.

Wheelchair accessories

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