Fixed wheelchair ramp: Ax-S ramp for wheelchair accessible vehicles

Ax-S ramp is a unique fixed wheelchair ramp by its seamless construction, its durability and aesthetics (wheelchair access ramp). The patented assembly of the platform, made by the clipage of aluminium extruded profiles, is attached to the ramp structure by inox rivets and screws. This assembly, which requires no welding, offers an excellent finish and eliminates any problems caused by breakage or corrosion of the welds.

 The Ax-S ramp is a very qualitative wheelchair ramp:

  • The parts of the Ax-S ramp are made by CNC machining and not by punching or laser cutting.
  • The rotations of the ramp are ensured by a stainless steel axle and a selfoil.
  • The slightest vibration is absorbed by the presence of anti-vibration dampers.
  • Made of seamless extruded profiles which are clipsed together.
Ease of Use:
  • The Ax-S Ramp is available in 2 or 3 parts
  • It has 2 gas shock absorbers allowing a better distribution of weight and facilitating the opening and closing of the ramp
  • The 2-part wheelchair ramps are equipped with wheels to facilitate their opening and closing.
  • Mounting support available for fixed installation, quick removal or internal swivelling.

Fixed wheelchair ramp

* For the Light version (perforated ramps) the letter “L” is added to the reference.

* * Opening/closing kinematics: 2-part ramp and 3-part ramp

Wheelchair ramps  AX-S ramps in images:

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