Wheelchair access ramp: IRP composite ramp

This wheelchair access ramp is a portable and folding lenght-wise composite structure, that combines resistance, stiffness and lightness.  

The aluminium honeycomb composite structure provides exceptional mechanical properties while keeping the lightness required to handle a ramp by a disabled person.

The IRP wheelchair ramp can be used to provide access to buildings or to load an empty wheelchair in a wheelchair acessible vehicle.

Once opened, the ramp forms a single practical and safe surface for wheelchair users.

Wheelchair access ramp features:

  • Lightweight: Average weight of about 9.4 kg/m2, which makes this ramp one of the lightest ramps on the market
  • Resistance: Maximum load of 350 kg
  • Stiffness: Deformation under weight is minimal compared to a conventional ramp
  • Flexible folding ramp length-wise: for easy storage
  • Can accommodate any type of wheelchair: With its internal width of 76 cm, the IRP ramp can be used with any type of wheelchair, including 3-wheel scooters
  • This width also offers a very good stability

Wheelchair access ramp

Wheelchair access ramp

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