Carony wheechair system

The Carony wheelchair system is a transfer solution which allows you to get into the vehicle while sitting, by transforming the car seat into a wheelchair.  As a result, it allows you to completely eliminate the lifting during the transfer

The Carony wheelchair system has three main elements: the seat, the Carony wheelbase and finally the swivel base. As a result, when mounted on the wheelbase, the seat becomes a wheelchair. Whereas when mounted on the swivel base, the seat becomes a registered car seat.

So anyone with reduced mobility can sit in front or at the back of a vehicle. Just put the car seat belt and travel safely and comfortably.

There are several models of Carony wheelchair system:

Carony Classic

Carony wheelchair

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Carony 16

Carony wheelchair

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The differences consist mainly in: the wheels size, the transport and confort accessories and the wheelchair type: manual or powered wheelchair.

The Carony wheelbase  is designed to facilitate the transfer of wheelchairs to cars. For this you need somebody to help you. You anchor the Carony wheelchair and slide the seat assembly inside the car in order to replace the vehicle seat. In order to increase the passenger confort you can choose several accessories available for these products.

The choice of seats and other accessories for the swivel bases and the Carony wheelchair system is wide in order to meet all your needs and help you travel serenely, comfortably and safely. Please contact us for more details. 

In conclusion, the Carony wheelchair complies with the same standards and regulations as any normal wheelchair.

All BraunAbility products are in accordance with the EU standards and applicable guidelines. They are safe, functional and very high quality products to meet the ever more stringent safety standards.

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