Fixed seat fixtureT-Bolt

Fixed seat fixture T-Bolt is a stationary fastener for semi-permanent seats, which can be used in conjunction with Innotrax floors and other “aviation type” rails. This fixation is compatible with most seats.

General features of the fixed seat fixture T-Bolt:

  • One-point fixing, compatible with all approved seating types
  • Non-removable fixing for fixed seats or can be repositioned by loosening the nuts and sliding the seat through the rail. If the seats are to be repositioned, the brake nut must be replaced
  • T-Bolt attachment very effective against vibrations
  • When the M1 T-Bolt is used with the T-Bolt M2, it must be positioned at the front of the seat to meet the M1 load regulation
  • 4 x M2 T-Bolts can also be used to secure the individual seats and meet the load regulation M2

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