6-Way Swivel Base

The 6-Way Swivel Base is a solution for transferring from a wheelchair to the driver’s seat inside the vehicle.  It is a swivel base that allows the driver’s seat to be moved backward, pivoted and adjusted in height to facilitate passage through the vehicle. This makes it possible to carry out a smooth transfer down to and from the wheelchair. The setting options also allow you to adjust the position for a safe driving.

6-Way Swivel Base main features

  •  Adjustable comfort position: 6 positions
  • Elegant cover to protect against pinching risks
  • Cable Kit available as an option to power the seat’s electrical functions
  • Optional footrest
  • 12v power supply
  • Available in short version and long version
  • The original seat can be mounted on the 6-way swivel base
  • Right and left models are available
  • CE Certified Product
  • Tested in collision and approved in all driving directions

 6-Way Swivel Base

Watch the 6-Ways Swivel Base on video:

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