TURNOUT Swivel Base

The TURNOUT swivel base turns and pulls out the vehicle seat a few centimeters outwards to help the person with reduced or limited mobility to sit or transfer from the wheelchair.

TURNOUT swivel base main features:

  • Simple and economical solution in the range of autoadapt swivelling bases
  • Installed between the vehicle floor and the seat
  • Swivels and pulls the vehicle seat towards the disabled person
  • Requires the replacement of the original seat by a specific seat to choose from the Autoadapt range
  • Can be installed on the driver’s side or on the passenger side
  • Available in manual version TURNOUT or  electrical version TURNOUT E
  • Available for 2 or 4-door vehicles
  • Can be used with accessories like Tilda to optimize the space for the head and knees or Caroslide to optimize the space for the legs
  • Can be used with the carony wheelchair to facilitate the transfer in the vehicle
  • CE Certified Product
  • There is a specific kit for the Ford B-Max, Turnout BIS, kit which includes: Turnout swivel base, specific mounting brackets and seat with integrated belt


Turnout swivel base

Watch the TURNOUT swivelling base on video:

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